What is this site?

HTML5Labs is where Microsoft prototypes early and unstable specifications from web standards bodies such as W3C. Sharing these prototypes helps us have informed discussions with developer communities, and enables us to provide better feedback on draft specifications based on this implementation experience. To find out more about HTML5Labs, read the blog by Jean Paoli, President, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

Prototype Details

IndexedDB is a W3C draft Web specification for the storage of large amounts of structured data in the browser, using indexes that allow for high performance searches on this data. The IndexedDB API is currently being standardized by the W3C Web Applications Working Group. IndexedDB can be used for browser implemented functions like bookmarks, and as a client-side cache for web applications such as email.

For feedback please use this mailing list.

W3C provides the following mailing list (W3C WebApps WG DL) for feedback about the IndexedDB Spec.

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