What is this site?

HTML5Labs is where Microsoft prototypes early and unstable specifications from web standards bodies such as W3C. Sharing these prototypes helps us have informed discussions with developer communities, and enables us to provide better feedback on draft specifications based on this implementation experience. To find out more about HTML5Labs, read the blog by Jean Paoli, President, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

Important Note: This feature is now available in the IE10 Platform Preview that was released at Microsoft's recent Build conference with the Developer Preview of Windows 8. You might notice some differences between the IE10 Platform Preview implementation. We recommend using the IE10 Platform Preview instead of this prototype as we don't plan any future updates to this prototype.


Please click on the links below to download the FileAPI binaries and the sample application

Download the FileAPI Prototype



When we build these prototypes, our approach is to get things out quickly and iterate as the specifications change. In order to do that we use a range of technologies, including but not limited to HTML, C++, JScript, Silverlight, CSS, ActiveX, WCF, .Net, and JQuery. The technologies used going forward may vary to facilitate rapid development.